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Born Capucine Cantrell to the parents Alma and Dorsey Cantrell, she was number six of eleven siblings. At six months old her father named her Coppe, because her hair looked like a brand new shiny copper penny. Read Full Bio


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By admin in : Blog // Nov 1 2010


When I was a little girl, my family and I did not go to church every Sunday. When I grew up, I still didn’t go to church; instead, I got married to a non-believer and never went to church during my marriage that ended 17 years later when my famous husband Johnny “J” committed suicide. So you can say that I was never an active churchgoer except for funerals and weddings. However, I always believed in God, but I did not know Jesus-Christ like I know him now.

During my marriage, I got caught up in the Hip Hop music world living a celebrity life of sins with my husband Johnny “J” and working with famous artists like 2Pac of whom my husband was the producer. Both 2Pac and Johnny “J” were and are household names in the music industry in general and in the Hip Hop community in particular. I did most of the administrative work for both of them and performed on music records that consisted mainly of either immoral or sexual contents. I traveled to places with them and saw things that I would not feel comfortable relating here except to say that I should not have been a privy to them. I wasn’t quite a singer, but I could call myself the “ooh ah girl”, talking on records, and doing sexual moaning. I danced on stage, and in music videos in scantily clothing. I was far from being a singer. I played a role in the biggest diss record of all times, namely the song “Hit Em Up” that my husband produced and which destroyed the Hip Hop community, by leading it to the infamous East-Coast/West-Coast rap wars. This record destroyed and ended the lives of the most successful rappers of that time: 2Pac and Biggie.

The death of 2Pac destroyed my husband and our life. I endured two tragic losses when 2Pac died brutally, because his biggest producer, friend and musical partner -Johnny “J” – died internally with him. Certainly, I shared in their devastating lives that led both of them to tragedies.

I witnessed first-hand my husband’s internal death and struggled to keep him alive. His constant battle with alcoholism eventually led to four D.U.I.’s, numerous costly court battles, and jail time. In 2008, I was devastated when my best friend, husband, business partner, and father of my two children committed suicide without warning while he was in jail on a D.U.I. charge. I too died internally that day. Many people don’t know the extent of my loss, because they don’t know what its like to spend 99% of your time with someone just to lose him tragically without warning. I don’t think there is a handbook on what to do once you become suddenly a widow.

This tragedy turned into favor for me when Jesus saved me and gave me a new purpose in my life. Thanks to a man of God who introduced me to the Holy Bible, I found Jesus Christ and invited him into my life as my Lord and savior. By His grace, He saved me from the life of sins, and gave me a second chance: a new and wonderful life in Him. Then came the prophet who indicated to me that I was called by the Lord Jesus to sing for His glory using my husband’s music and to win souls for Him. The prophet also indicated that my name would become Coppe (instead of Capucine). Three months later, the Lord gave me my new musical gift.
On July 1, 2009, I was awoken out of a sound sleep at 3:00 a.m. singing praises to the Lord. I immediately started writing Christian songs –three songs within three hours of receiving my new gift that night. I have now completed my first Christian-Music album under my born-again artist name: “Coppe Cantrell.” This first Holy-Spirit inspired album is called “God’s Project” Book One.

I am now an active member of a Christian church. I now sing in churches and at other events as the Lord directs me. I couldn’t be happier. I plan to continue to obey and to do God’s will and purpose in my new life through my music ministry and other opportunities that He will lead me to.

I thank God for taking me from the red carpet to the white carpet. To Him I give all the Glory. Amen

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